What would you consider a relaxing day off?

September 2015 · 4 minute read

First up, a sleep in! Omg, bed in the morning, not having to be anywhere, this is like the most amazing feeling ever…. It’s the only way to start a day off from life. It’s also kind of dangerous. The possibility of sleeping ’til 4pm and then screwing up the next weeks sleep pattern is pretty high. Although it’s a day off, it still needs to consider a little thought…

Midday seems like a reasonable time to get up and go for an extra long shower before putting extra time into my personal appearance. If I really want to relax, I need to feel good and to do that, I need to feel like I look good! Next up is an organised and tidy environment to finish off the day and start the following week in. Best way to do that? Crank some music, now I listen to a mixed playlist with a bit of everything, Rihanna, Katy perry, Eminem, red hot chilli peppers, disclosure, pod, system of a down. Who would have thought that Thrift shop makes me happy. Why music? Because it makes cleaning more fun. I sometimes even find myself distracted from the cleaning all together, too busy signing and dancing in front of the mirror. Ha, I kind of remember doing this a lot when I was 16… And almost every time, without fail, by the end of the cleaning it’s already dark outside, I’ve tried on just about every item of clothing in my wardrobe (it is not a small wardrobe, so thats actually an accomplishment!) and written a list of new items I now require to complete some new outfits. I’m nearly ready to relax…

I can’t see any reason to try and relax, if I know I’m just going to have to get up later and do something… Think about what I want for dinner, what I’m going to wear tomorrow, what I’m going to do during the week… Since I’m still in my wardrobe I might as well pick the outfit first, I probably subconsciously already did this during the clean, which by now I’m sure you’ve realised that is largely made up of reorganising a mountain of clothes and shoes back into a tiny wardrobe. Then it’s time to review my budget, my calendar and my cupboards, buy some groceries and cook something tasty but relatively quick and easy. A fried rice, salmon fillet, something.

After dinner and cleaning up I can finally sit on the couch and relax, I’ve been waiting all day for this! It’s like a weight has been lifted. There’s a sense of relief and accomplishment. I sit on the couch with a mountain of snacks, nail files and polish, my iPad, phone and extra warm clothes. I’m planning to relax for the longest time possible and I’d rather not interrupt that and have to keep getting up. I flick through the TV ’til I find something mindless but juicy like Gordy Shore, Total Divas or Americas Next Top Model. I paint my toe nails, sit back and play childish games on my iPad for about an hour whilst watching TV on a couch that takes over half on my living room with a massive matching ottoman that I can out my feet up on and even lie down if I want to.

After an hour and realising there’s nothing interesting about sitting on the couch, playing games or watching tv, I just have to start thinking again and wind up back in front of my computer trying to plan out the next steps in my build. One thing leads to another, i find a bug and i just might as well fix it… You can see where this is going. But do you know what? Time doesn’t stand still, the next week has already begun, why waste time? I’ve wasted enough already and I’m not getting any younger.