Crazy cat lady organised and smashing goals since way back!

May 2016 ยท 4 minute read

I’m organised as fuck. Like, psychotically OCD organised. I keep a tidy schedule weeks and even months in advance and whatever I can do now to save time later will only make me even more efficient.

Although that might seem pretty intense, I have years of experience behind me in planning, organising and managing unforeseeable circumstances. So, if something suddenly comes up or I need to change plans at the last minute I can rework my schedule to make things fit. It’s an absolute pain in the ass and I hate when it happens purely for the fact that other people are not organised in the slightest but I can always make it work and I look at my schedule at least 4 times a day.

Being organised, believe it or not, frees up extra time in a week that you wouldn’t even know you had. I’ve kind of taken it to the extreme with not only pre-planned meals and exercises schedules but also study plans, a project schedule, pre-planned daily attire and holidays/weekends away. To achieve this, I simply focus half a day every week on planning for the following week. I plan everything, down to the time I will eat during each day while taking into account scheduled meetings, appointments, events and training times.

I’ve learned what’s reasonable to expect of myself and now know what I simply won’t do, even if I was to put it on the schedule. The entire of purpose, of what may seem like a mundane, extremely over the top regimented lifestyle is pure and simple and can be summed up in one word. SUCCESS.

I have no desire in life other than to succeed. Success is relative and can be measured only by an individual’s perception of what it means. For me, success is achieving the small victories along the way to getting where I ultimately want to be. I have a few large, long-term goals which I will one day meet and as a realist, I know that the only way to make that happen is through accomplishing a series of small goals along the way. The goals I set for myself ultimately all reflect the bigger picture I see for my future and every little accomplishment gives me a sense of achievement which drives me to push harder.

After all, what is life without goals? If you’ve no intentions to go anywhere why bother waking up every day? No one can truly say that they are genuinely happy with what they have and there’s nothing more in life that they want. It’s just not humanly possibly. We are genetically wired to always want more, or at least want what out neighbour has that we do not.

The only difference between people who know they’re not happy with what they’ve got and people who can’t see that they’re not happy with what they’ve got is drive. And the fact is, some people are more driven than others. Although, in saying that of course, there’s also one other factor that must be taken into account – priorities.

Everyone places life values in a different order and there is no right or wrong way to do this. There are simply smarter ways, depending on your thought process of course. Some people cannot separate emotion from logic and everyone at some point will encounter an incident or situation where emotion completely takes control and logic is left at the door. A logical thinker will quickly rationalise what just happened, break it down and surmise a potential method to mitigate or at least alleviate any future possibilities of a reoccurrence. It is far more likely that a non-rational thinker will fail to evaluate emotional pain or displeasure and thus be subjected to long-term repeating incidences, whether it be the same or only similar circumstances.

The obvious downside of being an extremist logical thinker is that you are trapped. Forever over analysing any and every encounter you have with another human being, every failure or success you face in life and anything that forces you to question, why? On the other hand, an extremist non-rational thinker will never see reason or logic and will make all life decisions based purely on their own emotional state in the instance the need for a decision presents itself. So which end of the spectrum do you sit?

Now that I’ve cleared up a little more about logical thinking, maybe you can see that I’m not quite as insane as an organised person might appear to be. I have simply optimised my time and ultimately my efficiency in order to meet my goals. Achieving goals makes me happy and being organised helps me achieve them.

And don’t get me wrong, I still manage to find time to socialise with friends and I still party harder than most of them too!!