You’ll never get a date like that…

May 2016 · 5 minute read

If I don’t have time to wax my legs, I certainly don’t have time to date you.

More importantly, if we have nothing in common don’t think for a second that you’ll be getting an inch of my time.

Well, that sounds a bit ruthless and awfully snobby doesn’t it? But you what? The truth hurts. I don’t like to waste time, especially not my own. I also don’t particularly like the idea of someone watching me eat or one on one time when I have to make conversation with someone whom I’ve got nothing in common.

I also don’t like guys who have to ask me out to dinner over social media or some 3rd part platform other than directly to my face. To be fair, that generally doesn’t go so well either. I usually laugh it off, make some sarcastic remark or get awkward and kind of walk away. Haha

Also, if I was to go on date – which I probably never will because I never really have and I don’t like to put myself in awkward situations – I probably wouldn’t be getting “taken out to dinner.” I mean, I love to eat but I work in hospitality and getting taken out to dinner isn’t as exciting as for me one might think.

I’m more than capable of taking myself out to dinner and I regularly do, with friends. Thanks.

Of course, this is all just hypothetical because as I’ve previously made very clear, time for building romantic relationships is very low on the priority list.

If you want to spend time with me, I’ll see you at the gym or at some nerdy meet up. Cause if neither of those are of interest to you, I’m terribly sorry but you already lucked out. My time is limited as it is, I can barely even find time to wax my legs on the odd occasion that I look down and see how much they’ve overgrown. My tattooist can attest to this, I’m pretty confident that in the last 6 sessions I’ve had on my leg over the past 18 months he’s had to shave my legs at least 5 times. Most recently followed by the comment “How are you ever going to get laid with legs like that?!”

Good thing that’s not something I’m looking for, eh? 😉

The thing about trying to get to know an independent woman on a mission in life to be successful is that she just that. Independent and on a mission and will not tolerate anyone or anything getting in the way. So if you aren’t prepared to deal with a somewhat self centred individual who refuses to be kept waiting but will most likely always be at least 20 minutes late, then you probably need to rethink the type of woman you’re going for.

If you can’t tick the boxes on these two general key steps of getting to know a woman you may think you are interested in, then you are simply wasting everyones time.

  • Have something in common. And don’t just pretend to have something in common, this needs to be a genuine interest or passion that you both share otherwise it will never work. Your true motive will soon show through and I guess depending on the type woman it that you’re interested in, she’s not actually that stupid to fall for your foetal attempts at manipulation. Which by the way ladies, is never a good way to start out a potential relationship.

  • Consider her lifestyle and where she is heading. You don’t necessarily have to want the same things or be at the same place in your lives but are you both really motivated people? Are you similarly ambitious? Do you both like the idea of travel? Do you both, God forbid, dream of getting married, having 1.5 children and living in a caldesac with a white picket fence? You kind of want to be heading towards a similar end goal, here.

I believe that there is no one soul mate. There are different optimum companions depending on where you’re at in your life. And that everyone with whom you cross paths may cross your path more than once. There is chance that someone you have encountered, inadvertidly met or already had extensive relations with will come back into your life in the future. Or maybe not.

Maybe you were both in the same place at the same time once, drifted apart and will later reconnect with a new commonality.

That’s the ideal relationship. Two people who’ve experienced life the way they wanted, on their own terms, gotten to know themselves and what they like in life, joined together with a common interest or passion.

I guess that’s why I’m not interested in a relationship, I don’t feel like I’m in that place or that I’ve met the right match for me. I am, however, finally starting to meet the right sort of people. And progressively learning about what it is in life that I do and do not like. Where it is that I want to go and what it is that I want to do. It’s really only in the last two years that I’ve become confident enough to give things that I’ve always to try a go.

It’s almost like I’m uncommitted to another individual at the most ideal time that I could be, if I’d been locked into a serious relationship I don’t think it would have been with the right person and I don’t think I would be making the progress that I am.

Sounds kind of selfish but I’m quite enjoying getting know me and I think it’s something everyone should do.