Web Geek

Collection of web development resources written for beginners!

Programming Basics

This page offers overviews of some basic computer programming terms and concepts as well as some small tutorials to get you started with base web apps for frameworks such as express.js and wordpress.

Get started with jQuery – Part 2

Get started with jQuery! This tutorial was written using Mac OS and Sublime Text 3 as the text editor. It assumes you have configured your local server to read project directories in either /Sites or another location on your machine and that you have a sound understanding on html and css concepts. It continues on from part 1

Get started with jQuery – Part 1

Get started with jQuery and learn how to add basic animations to your web applications. jQuery is a small, fast Javascript library which can be used for HTML document manipulation, event handling, animation, and Ajax requests.

Computer Networking Glossary

This is a descriptive glossary of computer networking terms, explaining individual components and how they fit together, based on recent research and implementations.

Build a Custom Theme with WordPress

After setting up your local development environment for wordpress, get started building your own custom theme. Then you can choose exactly what is actually needed for your site and make your own theme a lot easier to read and customise in the future than many of the themes already existing…

Configure Local Dev Env with WordPress

After spending two weeks working out how to get a basic wordpress website set up for local development and deployment, I’m going to share the few simple steps which are actually needed to get going. Once you can get one wordpress working how you want, you can certainly get any number of them to run.

WordPress for Immediate Solution

Wordpress for Immediate Solution. Two weeks ago I set myself a time frame and wrote out a case study synopsis for a project I’ve been interested in for a while now. After two weeks of very limited sleep and a packed schedule, I still managed to nail the deadline. Here’s a brief overview of my thoughts and ideas both before and after getting underway.

Run an existing WP with MAMP

After 4 hours of pissing into the wind sifting through crap online, turns out common sense prevailed and most of those resources weren’t actually of any help.

What is a Server?

What is a Server? This article is going to describe a broad overview of the term ‘server’. There is a range of server types, which do things slightly different to one another but before looking into specialist types, it is vital to understand what a server essentially is and does in the first place.

Command Line for windows

This article describes how to use command line with windows to create a new dir with a new .txt file, rename the file,  edit and display file contents. Remove the file and remove the dir.

Get started with Node.js and Express

These are the simplest current resources to get you up and running with a skeleton Node.js app using command line on mac osx and run a simple skeleton app locally in a dir that you choose. See the references, use specifically the commands below in order.