19. Presentation Logic

September 2015 · 2 minute read

Now that I have all the working parts, it’s just a matter of replicating what I’ve already done to complete a very simplified version 1.0

Create transfers model, referring to article 4/09/2015

My Budget App – customise and migrate new models backed by posgreSQL

Controller, referring to article 5/09/2015

My Budget – generate new income controller and view with rails generate

See which additions and changes have been made to the app to get transfers working here:


Replicate the New Income modal form for Expenses and remove unnecessary files which had been previously created for a New Income Page, referring to article 20/09/2015

My_budget- bootstrap modals

See which additions and changes have been made to get the expenses modal working here:


Complete a very basic ruby calculation which will add together the opening balance, expenses and transfers to sum up a total balance forward amount.

By running a rake db:drop db:create db:migrate, I can clear the database, refresh and go through the app to ensure it still builds correctly. The calculation have worked out correctly https://github.com/SelenaSmall/my-budget/commit/c1f9c3ec71e7bc97d5ac30c812d95de3ffb5fb7f

The total balance can be formatted in the same way as the opening balance to look better on the page


Modal layouts can be improved by putting total income and total income amount on the same row


Moving the ‘New’ button to the same row as Incomes and creating a new modal layout


This is going to be the new layout for all of my partials. Next up is layout logic for the overall app and maybe an improved colour scheme