Git reference

August 2017 · 1 minute read


Create a new branch

$ git checkout -b {new_branch_name}


Add changes to staging

$ git status

$ git add —all

Commit changes

$ git commit -m ‘users can be added and removed from projects’


$ git commit -am “Refs  #{ticket_number}  #{message}.”

Push changes to remote origin

$ git push origin {branch_name}

Check and pull changes down from master if these are available


Rebase to master and squish commits

$ git rebase -i master

Vim Interactive reference:
	insert changes: i,
	write & quit: :wq
  If using a ticketing system, add a reference to the ticket:
	Refs #{ticket_number}

Switch to master branch

$ git checkout master

Rebase branch onto master

$ git rebase {branch_name}

Push to origin/master

$ git push


Delete local branch

$ git branch -D {branch_name}

Delete remote branch

$ git push origin –delete {branch_name}


Deploy from master branch

If you’re using capistrano for deployment and it is configured correctly, you can simply run:

$ cap production deploy